Friday, October 21, 2011

"What If..." a new ebook for software testers

Recently I had a pleasure to review an ebook written by Ajay Balamurugadas. This ebook titled "What If..." is the set of tips for Software Testers.
In 22 Chapters Ajay presents his real-life testing experience. This is great book for new testers however more experienced testers should find this ebook interesting too. From this ebook you can learn new techniques, tools and different ways to sharpen testing skills. In addition this ebook presents list of many links to useful websites, blogs and suggests testing books worth to read. I really liked this ebook. Below my first testimonial I had pleasure to write to for this ebook :)
Ajay writes "I wished that someone had warned me beforehand." I can't agree more I wish someone gave me the book of tips about software testing at the beginning of my career or at least taught me to use "what if" question more often. If you aim at skills improvement in software testing and you want to find out the ways you can do this, I strongly recommend this book.


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