Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Software Tester Job Offers, Part1

Very often first impression about the future employer shapes while reading his job offer. When you look for a job and there is another offer which looks like a template, it's hard to learn anything good about this position and that company. I'm always confused what to think when I see in the offer things like:

* Developing Test scripts
* Executing Test Scripts
* ISTQB is a must

Does it mean that such company apply scripted approach only ?
Does it mean that this company encourage testers to execute test scripts - check instead of test ?
Does it mean that this company overvalue testers with certificates ?

Very likely.
Personally I don't believe that having certificate in testing field makes you better at anything beside having proof for dictionary knowledge. Of course it doesn't necessarily mean that you shouldn't apply for such position and that this job can't be really great. Depending on what you are looking for you'll never know until you try.
I am looking for something else and fortunately, more and more companies post offers which are better suited to specific roles and their image. Here is good example Congifide. See description of their offer for Functional tester role.

Would you like to...
Break stuff and get paid for it?
Become the users’ Champion, making sure software is functional, usable, simple and cool?

Do you have:
Passion and commitment to a tester role
Proactive, hands-on attitude

Even though I don't personally agree with some statements ("break stuff" - hasn't this came already broken ?) I like this description. They're looking for people which are best in what they do, people with passion and commitment. It's much better to work with someone who has passion than with people who are bored to death with their job. As always making assumptions from appealing offer can be harmless but it's always good starting point. Furthermore you can have interesting questions to discuss during interview.

Another good example comes from Atlassian. Their offer for QA Engineer is really appealing to me.
Test requirements and specifications for incorrect or incomplete information, assumptions and conclusions

I've never heard before that we are testing for assumptions. Aren't assumptions one of the most important aspect of testing, root of many problems in software projects. If they mention this, it's very likely that this company recognize assumptions as challenge.

I also like their sense of humor.

Key Skills
You don't believe it until you see it
You don't believe everything that you see

"Love to "help" smart developers by discovering ways to make their software better?"

You know that automated testing is better than manual testing
You know that manual testing is better than automated testing

It's worth to notice that with this amusing statements, they touch key aspects of testing craft. By reading above description you can easily understand how they value testing and what is their attitude toward testing activities. It's pity that Australia is so far away :)


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